Entrepreneurial Enviorment

Hi everyone, long time ago since I haven’t written anything here, and what a surprise cause as you can realize I just changed the lenguage, but do not worry I do not write that bad, or that is what I hope….

Anyway, this blog will suffer a big change and I will talk about innovation and enterpreneuship, business model, lean canvas and so on. I hope you could enojy it!

Firsly, I would like to share what innovation is for me. I describe innovation as the process of creating value to our customer, meanwhile we create a product with a notable and better difference than the product/service of our competitors.

As you could imagine or not, there are lots of options for being an enterpreneur. Starting by the hundreands of problems there are in our world than need to be solved, passing for the thousand of existing solution can be improved and closing with the dozens of organization that could help us to become an enterpreneur.

Enviorment photo

Here there are a picture where my classmates and I show the differents actors that are involve with the innovation aspect. As you could notice there are a lot of options that people do not know. The sum of all the actores that contributes to this is call entrepreneurial enviorment.

During this class we realized that there are a bunch of different options that you can use in order to obtain some help ot maybe a lot for your projects. However as an enterpreneur you have to look for the option that may fit your big idea. For example if you attemp to export your product or you need some importing for the development it, I may suggest Promexico. Giving another example, if you do not want to publish your idea in order to get some found I would not recommend to you to participate in a crewfunding webpage.

Here there are some link of the organizations mentioned on the photo.




Finally if you want to obtain some help for your project and you are not looking for funding yet I recommend to you IMJUVE, TREPCAMP, RETO ZAPOPAN, Incubadora ITESO and COPARMEX. This ones are organizations that are focuse on helping new enterpreneurs.




Here there are the links of some of those webpage and a video which explains what TREPCAMP is.

Here you could find a website were you can designs a lean Canvas online. https://canvanizer.com/new/lean-canvas